​ISO 22600

ISO 22600 standard defines principles and specifies services needed for managing privileges and access control to data distributed across policy domain boundaries. It proposes a template for policy agreement for the different stakeholders of the healthcare information system, including patients and staff members, and defines how the communication should be managed. The policy agreement must include all the differences in the security systems of the stakeholders in different domain boundaries and the agreed solutions on how to overcome the differences.


OpenID is an open standard of the OpenID foundation for the authentication of the users relying on identities verified and trusted by trusted third party providers.

​PbD-SE (Privacy by Design Documentation for Software Engineers)

PbD-SE (Privacy by Design Documentation for Software Engineers) is a technical committee of OASIS that provides guidelines that enable software organizations to embed privacy into the design and architecture of IT systems, without diminishing system functionality. The guidelines follow the foundational principles of privacy-by-design.

​PMRM (Privacy Management Reference Model)

PMRM (Privacy Management Reference Model) is a technical committee of OASIS that provides guidelines for developing operational solutions to privacy issues. The purpose of the standards is to define a methodology for the analysis of privacy policies and to serve as an evaluation framework of the different privacy management solutions, but it does not provide a specific implementation.

​XACML (eXtensible Access Control Markup Language)

XACML (eXtensible Access Control Markup Language), a standard of the OASIS consortium, provides an XML-based language to express and evaluate authorisation policies to protect resources in a distributed computing environment.