Threats in the healthcare industry

If recent history has proved anything, it is that no data on any system in any organisation is immune from being breached and compromised. Healthcare is under intense pressure to cut costs while improving patient outcomes.

Greater digitisation and cloud computing play a key role in this respect. The digitisation of Medical Health Records (MHRs) is changing the way hospital healthcare professionals search and retrieve passive MHR data for different purposes while complying with different legal regulations, including rules on time spans for preserving the data.

These new opportunities are bringing an increasing demand for storage capacity, which the cloud can satisfy. However, personal healthcare data is highly sensitive with stringent security requirements for assuring the integrity and confidentiality of the datasets stored.

Still too many hospitals and health centres are not prioritising the security and privacy of patient data. In the wrong hands, highly private aspects about's a person's life could be used against them. It is all the more important in the era of connected health.

CLARUS Healhcare Showcase

Data security and privacy are a top priority for the Barcelona Clinic Hospital. That is why it is using the CLARUS privacy-by-design approach to cloud services.

The highly private nature of health data means healthcare facilities find it hard to benefit from cloud storage and processing resources.

CLARUS provides the Barcelona Clinic Hospital with the right security and privacy-enabling mechanisms to ensure patient records are properly protected when outsourced to one or more cloud provider.

The hospital benefits from more efficient, transparent, standardised and auditable cloud services.