Trust-IT Services Ltd. is an SME with extensive experience in distributed computing, interoperability and standardization. Trust-IT has coordinated standardisation initiatives such as OGF-Europe and SIENA, co-authoring the SIENA Roadmap on Distributed Computing Infrastructure for e-Science and Beyond, a “reference document for standardization efforts” (Neelie Kroes, Vice President of the European Commission). In this context, Trust-IT played an instrumental role in driving synergies with NIST and in bringing to the same table all relevant standards groups to reach consensus on priority actions by focusing on the main challenges and charting possible paths to follow. Trust-IT is highly specialized in developing communication strategies focused on four key ICT sectors: cloud computing, big data, security and Future Internet. Since 2002, its interdisciplinary team of talented and passionate professionals delivers high-quality ICT communication services and strategies across the European Union, acting also as a catalyst for international cooperation on ICT and standardization. Its communication expertise spans market-driven outreach strategies, copywriting and media relations, customized services for networked business, government and research communities, highly dynamic web and social platforms, market research, sustainability strategies, including exploitation plans and business models.

Trust-IT is leader of Dissemination and Exploitation activities, with its proven track record in delivering high-quality, results-driven communication strategies. It also contributes to user & technical requirements and architecture design bringing its expertise in standardisation, close links to SDOs, standards implementation analysis and communication expertise in promoting benefits of standards.