The Information Security Group (ISG) at Royal Holloway, University of London, is a world-leading interdisciplinary research group dedicated to research and education in the area of information (cyber) security.
The ISG contains more than fifteen full-time academic faculty members, including a mixture of computer scientists, mathematicians and social scientists. These are supported by several research assistants and a large number of research students, making the ISG one of the largest academic information security teams in the world.
The ISG was formed in 1990 with the intent of providing an academic institution which understood and collaborated with government and industry in the area of information security.
The ISG retains its close links with industry, through collaborations with industry security professionals, a strong history of consultancy, and an extensive international MSc alumni community.
The general objectives of the ISG are:
- Education and Training: To cultivate graduates with a broad understanding of all aspects of information security.
- Research: To conduct world class information security research.
- External Engagement: To maintain close links with the information security industry.
- Consultancy: To be a source of information security expertise of industrial relevance.

Royal Holloway will contribute mainly to the core research activities in CLARUS, reviewing state of the art technologies and developing innovative techniques for protecting data in cloud environments.