Innovating software development, testing services, monitoring and testing tools.

Montimage is a French research-oriented SME located in Paris. Montimage’s tools rely on innovation to deliver competitive products and know-how, providing end-to-end monitoring solutions integrating functional, QoS and security analysis of network communications. The Montimage Monitoring Tool (MMT) for real-time detection of security, privacy and performance metrics is based on complex event processing and machine-learning techniques to trigger countermeasures and mitigation strategies in cloud environments.

Montimage’s business strategy is oriented towards offering monitoring solutions to diverse technologies. CLARUS innovations allow Montimage to integrate new functionality in their monitoring products, specifically the capabilities related to the attack-tolerant framework, bringing important advances in data and privacy protection in cloud-based environments.

Montimage has developed its expertise also through contributions to national and international collaborative research projects, expanding its monitoring solutions to diverse technologies and helping to define future network architectures, publishing articles and book chapters. Montimage works with leaders of the telecommunications industry, public administrations, research and education organisations across diverse sectors: automotive, media, digital health, smart cities, critical infrastructure and telecommunications.