Trust is essential in a digital environment, hence the need for new regulation and new initiatives. The objective of Digital Single Market initiative #14 – free flow of data is to boost trust in digital society.
The development of new technical tools is fundamental for the protection of privacy as the legal framework is just one aspect.

The driver should be to see the Internet as an opportunity and tackle aspects that raise concerns.
These were the key messages coming from the European Dialogue on Internet Governance event (EuroDig 2016) earlier this month.

Campolargo, Director of Net Futures: Emerging issues include aspects of ownership, stewardship of the data, use and re-use of data, including use of non-personal data that has a particular interest from an industrial economic perspective. These important issues are being investigated by the European Commission in the context of the free flow of data as part of the strategy for the Digital Single Market with the announcement of a new initiative later this year.

The EC’s cluster on Data Protection, Security and Privacy (DPSP Cluster) is helping to shape future research and innovation on the free flow of data. CLARUS has also contributed to the cluster’s first white paper. This document is a bottom-up analysis of technological achievements and conclusions aimed at identifying possible technology enablers for the Digital Single Market (DSM) Initiative #14 by mapping current research with gaps for future R&I and possible policy actions.

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