#eurodig16: The impact of users' trust on transnational data flows

Setting higher standards of data protection through regulation

During the European Dialogue on Internet Governance event (EuroDig 2016), Pearse O’Donahue, Head of Software, Services, Cloud, DG CONNECT zoomed in the drivers behind the new Data Protection regulation (GDPR). It is essential that the EU imposes rules for high levels of protection through the new regulation. The European Data Protection Agencies play a key role in the data protection regulation, supporting the strong mechanisms in place as entities that are independent from their national governments and the EC.

Government initiatives like “once-only” personal data submission for online transactions give citizens a better understanding of the rules and help drive trust and security while creating a critical mass around the services. This is a virtuous circle in the digital world.

Matthias Spielkamp, Algorith Watch “Trust lies in openness and transparency. However, terms of services are becoming even more opaque as IT systems become more complex, and this complexity reduces trust in them”.

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