Thierry Chevallier, AKKA, presented the advantages of the CLARUS user-centred privacy and security in the cloud for geospatial data at the INSPIRE Conference last week in Barcelona. 

Securing INSPIREd geodata cloud services

The presentation, entitled "Securing INSPIREd geodata cloud services with CLARUS", highlighted the benefits of cloud computing, spanning increased flexibility (on-demand, elasticity, ubiquitous access), reduced costs (shared resources, pay as you use, metering) and reduced risks (higher availability). But concerns around data security, data location and loss of control are preventing geodata providers from migrating to the cloud. 

CLARUS is a project funded under Horizon 2020 to provide a solution for storing and processing encrypted/protected geodata in the cloud, so users of cloud services do not need to have "blind trust" in their cloud service provider. 

AKKA is among the partners demonstrating the feasibility of using a cloud-based infrastructure to provide seamless access for geospatial public sector information.

The INSPIRE conference offered an excellent forum for presenting CLARUS as a new approach to the cloud increasing user trust while also offering ample networking opportunities with the INSPIRE community. 

Download the presentation here

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