More than £4 billion will be invested as part of the NHS ‘digital transformation' plan.

£1 billion of that will go towards information-security, pegged as a looming problem for the NHS, which handles the medical data of most of the UK population.
£1.8 billion will be used to advance the NHS long awaited transformation to a paperless system.

The rest of the £4 billion investment will go towards improving care and giving people better access to their medical data through NHS accredited apps which will also collect data from the patients.

This development might be welcome for those who have long warned of the security pitfalls that the NHS risks:
"it's vital that the digital NHS plan is underpinned with a dedicated cyber-strategy that can enable secure transformation that protects data from outsider threats. This approach will mean doctors, nurses and patients can enjoy world class digital health services and operate with genuine confidence in the increasingly connected online world.” said Gordon Morrison, director of government relations at Intel Security.

All told, the initiative is slated to enable the NHS to save £22 billion ($31.6 billion) by trimming waste and improving productivity.


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