15/03/2017 - 09:00 to 16/03/2017 - 18:00


“Secure the Cloud with Confidence” is the theme of this year’s Cloud Security Expo, 15-16 March 2017 at the Excel in London, where CLARUS will be showcasing its innovations in security-enabling techniques, attack-tolerant systems and in new architectures for secure delivery in the cloud.

CLARUS is part of the Stand “A European Cluster Data Protection, Security and Privacy”, which is showcasing best-of-class innovations in Europe as cloud computing enters a new wave characterised by critical applications and multi-cloud environments. Security and privacy will bring significant added value to this new wave of cloud-based solutions and services, while data protection will be fundamental for the upcoming EU regulatory frameworks.

Representatives from AKKA and OFFIS will be on hand to show CLARUS in Action with demos and a video of its security-enabling techniques, attack-tolerant systems and in new architectures for secure delivery in the cloud. Practical implementations include geospatial data and e-health.

Information security professionals, and especially security managers, will learn how CLARUS uses a privacy-by-design to ensure users of cloud services are in the driving seat when it comes to controlling their data.

Open source developers, tech integrators and cloud service providers will a unique opportunity to learn how they can support the CLARUS proxy solution and potentially offer services to their customers.


A European Cluster Data Protection, Security and Privacy

All the projects at the stand are part of the EC’s Cluster on Data Protection, Security and Privacy (DPSP), working together on challenges related to the Free Flow of Data for the European Digital Single Market. The other projects represented at the stand are:

CloudWATCH2: A practical approach to the cloud with legal guides and dedicated tools for SMEs and IT teams in public organisations.

CREDENTIAL: End-to-end security and improved privacy in cloud identity management services for managing secure access control.

MUSA: Ensuring security in all multi-cloud environments; data confidentiality and localisation.

OPERANDO: A platform offering comprehensive user privacy enforcement with Privacy Authority Online Service.

PRISMACLOUD: Novel cryptographic concepts and methods to practical application to improve the security and privacy of cloud based services

PAASWORD:  Holistic Data Privacy and Security by Design Platform-as-a Service Framework

SWITCH: Enabling the development and execution of time critical applications in Clouds.