D4.4 - Security as a service for CLARUS

This document describes a security as a service (SECaaS) infrastructure and concept for the CLARUS framework.

D5.1 - The CLARUS interface

The scope of this document is to specify the interfaces of the CLARUS platform.

D5.2 - The CLARUS modules V1

This deliverable provides a detailed description of the first design and implementation of the CLARUS proxy modules. This description includes the design of the modules in terms of UML class and sequence diagrams as well as some implementation details.

D5.3-CLARUS_Modules V2

This deliverable provides a detailed description of the second and last design and implementation of the CLARUS proxy modules.

D5.4 - The CLARUS Platform v1

This document aims at designing and describing the status of the CLARUS Platform

D5.5 - The CLARUS Platform v2

The second version of the CLARUS platform document constitutes a user guide for the deployment, configuration of the CLARUS proxy. Information about the upgrade and extension of this proxy is also presented as well as an example of usage of this proxy.

D6.1 - CLARUS Benchmarking Test Suite

This document aims at describing the methodology and the tools that will be used to validate the whole CLARUS proxy in terms of performance, scalability and security.

D6.2-Report on Validation Results V1

Three scenarios have been defined in order to support the validation of CLARUS. The datasets used in the test scenarios are described in the data management plan (D1.2). The recommendations made by the WP5 related to the construction of the datasets states that these need to be constructed using a transactional method if we deal with the PostgreSQL protocol module (which is the case for our tests). Each action needs to be surrounded by the keywords “BEGIN” and “COMMIT”.

D7.1 - Dissemination and standards report V1

This deliverable presents the communication and dissemination strategy of the CLARUS project. This is the first version of the plan, which will be updated and revised every 12 months.

D7.2 - Dissemination and standards report V2

The purpose of this document is to update the initial plan produced in June 2015. It reports on actions taken and impact achieved with regard to communications, standards monitoring, analysis and dissemination.

D7.6 - CLARUS Website

This deliverable, the CLARUS website, presents the public web platform (http://www.clarussecure.eu/).

D7.7 - CLARUS Brochure

This document will complement the initial dissemination plan (scheduled at M6) that will detail the overall communication strategy of the project.