This D5.3 deliverable entitled “The CLARUS module V2” presents the second design and implementation details of the CLARUS proxy modules for this second implementation phase of the CLARUS project. For each module, we present four main elements:

  • Overview: Includes the high-level description of the module, its role in the CLARUS proxy, its inputs and outputs and its interdependencies with other CLARUS modules.

  • Specification: Class and sequence diagrams are presented to specify the static and dynamic views of the module

  • Installation: details about how to install the module are provided in this subsection  Usage: A user manual for the modules is presented in this section.

All the proxy modules are presented in this version and they include (1) the protocol module that allows the extraction of sensitive data from transiting packets and forwarding obfuscated data after their protection using one of (2) the protection mechanisms that allow the protection of sensitive data (3) the CLARUS access policy and key management operations, the CLARUS access operations and the CLARUS administration and monitoring operations.

Several demonstrations of these modules are available and the CLARUS proxy is available as an open source project on github following this link: 


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