The scope of this document is to specify the interfaces of the CLARUS platform.
Three interfaces are described in detail within this document:

  • the CLARUS-CSP interface related to the architecture works. This interface, ensuring interoperability, allows the CLARUS proxy connecting to new cloud services and to integrate some protection primitives in the cloud;
  • the CLARUS end-user interface that allows the end-user managing his/her sensitive data obfuscation and control or monitor the security and trust aspects;
  • the CLARUS-CLARUS interface that allows secure communication between different trusted CLARUS proxies in order to securely share data and optimise collaboration.

Moreover, the CLARUS protocol module is described in a dedicated section. This protocol module (identified in the architecture to enable communication between the CLARUS proxy and the client
application on one side and the CSPs on the other) is indeed involved in most of the interfaces listed above.