This document analyses the CLARUS architecture and framework in terms of interoperability and standardisation.

It leverages the work carried out in WP2 on the identification of relevant best practices in security, privacy, and data format in order to map the requirements that have driven the design of the CLARUS architectural solution, presented in Deliverable D4.2. Moreover, it analyses the security as a service infrastructure and concepts for the CLARUS framework proposed in WP4, specifically in Deliverable D4.4.

The result is a thorough analysis of interoperability in the context of CLARUS, including the data types supporting the two use cases, and the approach that must be followed to pursue the objective of building an interoperable framework. While the output can help identify potential gaps in the standardisation landscape and drive the work for the implementation of CLARUS started with the definition of the APIs in Deliverable D5.1, it is also relevant in the context of the EU Cloud Computing Strategy and actions related to ICT standardisation in the Digital Single Market Strategy.