This deliverable reviews the current standard landscape for cloud computing, security, and data format  relevant  for  CLARUS.

The  objective  of  this  document  is  to  define  the  standardisation roadmap built on  a  throughout  analysis of  the  standards  and  their potential  adoption  in  the design and implementation of the CLARUS proxy solution. By considering relevant standards in the early stage of the project will ease the integration of standardised solutions and follow an interoperability by  design approach.

This  document  first  recaps  the  cloud  computing  ecosystem  and  the  objective  of  CLARUS  to highlight the need for standards. Then, it discusses the CLARUS approach to standards and the methodology used to identify relevant standards. A special focus on  additional  requirements  stemming  from  the  best  practices  and  recommendations of Standard Developing Organizations (SDOs) is also given.

Finally, this deliverable maps the  technical  requirements  identified  in Deliverable D2.2  “Requirements  specification  V1”  to the identified standards.