Although cloud computing has been part of the digital landscape for some time it is only in recent years that the full potential is starting to be realised and exploited. The purpose of CLARUS is to enhance trust in cloud computing services by developing a secure framework for the storage and processing of data outsourced to the cloud that allows end users to monitor, audit and retain control of the stored data without impairing the functionality and cost-saving benefits of cloud services. This deliverable aims to analyse the applicable legal and ethical framework and derive the legal requirements relevant to CLARUS and to provide guidance on their implementation in order to ensure the development of a legally compliant solution. Moreover, this deliverable considers the project reviewers’ comments regarding the need for refining the implementation guidelines proposed in the first version.

For this deliverable, primary and secondary sources of EU law were used. The relevant legislation, case law and doctrine was selected based on the scope and goals of the CLARUS project. This desktop research focuses on EU frameworks as this is the focus of the description of work.