The purpose of this document is to provide the CLARUS requirement specifications.

It defines the use cases of the CLARUS solution and the requirements at the functional (i.e. the features that the solution needs to offer, e.g. business rules, features, user interface, social requirements) and the non‐functional levels (e.g. quality of service, performance, scalability, legal and ethical, standardisations).
More precisely this document aims at specifying:

  • Which functionalities should be supported by the CLARUS solution, in order to help cloud customers increase their control over outsourced data, give them the guarantee that their confidential or sensitive data will not be disclosed at any moment to the Cloud Service Provider (CSP), and maintain cloud functionalities and benefits.

  • What are the expected outcome of these functionalities, i.e. efficiency, data utility for both cloud customers and CSPs.

  • What are the needs in terms of security (i.e. the degree of security to be provided in different use cases) .